Time to Help Those in Need

The past few months have been super hard on everyone, every where.

Yet some of us are super lucky to have a roof over our head, a fridge full of food and to be able to work or study from home. Not everyone is lucky enough to be in that position and it's up to us to make sure we all are safe and nurtured during these times.

Since we should all be social distancing we understand if you are not up to volunteer face to face but since we have all been saving some coins from not going out, please think about donating to local charities.

We have made a list of local charities that we have been donating to in the past couple of weeks, check em out and help out our people!


More places to donate to:


Majority of the charities listed are in BC, if you are from abroad please look into donating to local charities. Our communities need us now more then ever.